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Exegesis Chpater of Acts 1

Contexts Geo-Social Context. My acknowledge of this book I believe that Luke was trying to answer many to questions to a Roman soldier and his name was Theophilus, and also, he was trying to evangelize him. Also, this book is unique among the New Testament writes because deal with the mission of the Church and how the Holy Spirit can use any person with tremendous power.

The writer of this book does not say his name, but many scholars are in agreement that the Gospel of Luke and the book is writing by the same author. To find out the paternity of this book is in Acts 16:10-17; 20:5-21; 27:1-28 Also, we can use some external evidences such as: Acts. 1:1 and Luke 1:1-4 are part of the same book, in other words we find in these books some repetition, and some similarities. Also, regarding internal evidences, in both books is mentioned a person and his name is Theophilus, which in Greek name means is “lover of God”. Theophilus was an influential Roman official since the title “most excellent.”, and this person had a lot interested about Christian faith, and Luke is trying to take him to a personal relationship with Jesus. The gospel of Luke is finishing with the ascension of our dear Lord Jesus, and in the book is starting with this situation. Also, the book is showing us a lot of joy, and Luke is not attacking the Roman empower, and it was written before the persecution by Neron year 64 AC, and before the destruction of Jerusalem year 70 AC.

This book have some divisions 1:-6:7 Jerusalem, 6:8-9:31 Samaritans (racial), 9:32-12:24 Gentiles ( Cornelius), 12:25-16:3 Minor Asia, 16:6-19:20 to Europe, 19:21-28:31 Rome. The key verse is Acts 1:8. The book of Acts teaches us on how the Gospel was spread, and also, on how our life must be committee and accountable to God. The main actor is the Holy Spirit working through the church, and of course through godly man. 

Syntactical context. This is narrative, also Luke give us a large vocabulary compared with others writers. He was using very literally styles. He was using appropriate language to the time and place are very good described it. Also, as internal evidence in the chapters 16:10-17; 20:5-21; 18; 27:1-28, the writer is using the pronoun “we” as indicative of Luke’s presence with at the point where it occurs (situations with the Apostle Paul). Also, Paul called him “the beloved physician.” Colossians 1:14. The word witness linked to Apostle. They were witness about Jesus’ birth, Jesus’ ministry, Jesus’ dead, Jesus’ resurrection, and Jesus’ ascension.      

Canonical context. It is not doubt the book of Acts had a life beyond Theophilus, the book of Acts have recognition because book’s inherent authority. The purpose of the book of Acts has been well established as an authoritative source by the end of the second century. The book have some key dates such as: AD 14-37 reigns of Tiberius, AD 36 Pilate’s rule as procurator in Judean ends, AD 54-68 reigns of Nero.

Series:  The Church mighty and divine plan of God.

Sermon: Three conditions and requirements for you to be or become “you shall be my witness.”

Purpose: To Show us how the church must be committee, and empower under the influence of the Holy Spirit for taking the gospel to the end of the world.

I.                    Introduction.

Many of you know that the church is America is declining or plateau. Some numbers between 80 and 85 percent. This situation is among every Christian denomination.

We need to address questions like this: How many people actually attend church on every weekend? What type churches we see in the book of Acts? The church in the book of Acts was a church affected by the culture? How our churches are responding to those changes?

Once again the church in America is declining or plateau.

The book can help us to find out on how my church must be on mission. Also, the book of Acts is going to help us on to go over those barriers which social, racial, culture and etc.

It is not doubt that the church is the agency which God counts to share the gospel around the world.

As believers we must take the gospel to the end of the world and be instrument on God’s hands.

 George Washington’s Illustration.

What are the conditions or requirements for you and I to be or become you shall be my witness.

II.                  You have to know who Jesus, His teaches His work and His resurrection. 1-3

A.      Who is Jesus? 

1.      Jesus’ deity Luke 1:30-32. (Incarnation)

2.      Jesus the man John 11:35 

3.      Jesus the Son of God. John 1:1,14; John 3:16

4.      Jesus’ Kingdom. John 14:2-3

The Kingdom of God is Gods direct rule or government on earth, and his government will be manifest through Messiah Jesus (Ps 2); God will establish peace and judge (rule) the earth in righteousness (Psalms 98:9); God will hold every man accountable for the deeds of this life (Ezekiel 18:4); He will introduce a period of "restitution of all things" (Acts 3:21), that will ultimately result in the removal of the curse on mankind (Revelation 22:3); and finally, the Messiah will return in the Glory of God (Matthew 16:27). As He does, God's Glory will reside in Jerusalem in a way similar to the phenomenon which occurred in the wilderness as Israel came out of Egypt (Isaiah 4:5).
Human self-determination will end. "Every knee will bow, of those who are in heaven, and on earth, and under the earth, and that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father" (Philippians 2:10-11). Israel will be the only national entity that survives in the kingdom. As God's elect nation, it will be exalted high above all the nations for praise, fame and glory (Deuteronomy 26:19).

B.      Jesus’ teachings.

1.      Jesus’ Beatitudes. Matthew 5: 1-10, chap. 6 and 7.

2.      He is the only way for you and I to be saved. John 14:1-6

III.                You have to obey and believe Jesus’ commands and promises. 4-8

A.      Jesus’ Commands.

B.      Jesus’ promises. John 15:7-15

1.      HS’ works

2.      He will seal us. Eph. 1:13-14.

C.      You will empower by God’s Spirit.

1.      He did not answer Israel restoration.

a.      This is Father’s Job.

2.      His answer was not very polity.

3.       What means is to be a witness?"

a.       Witness." It is a word of great importance to the Christian Church.  The verb means the act of bearing witness--the activity of witnessing.  The word witness comes to us from the legal sphere and is derived from a root meaning "to bear in mind;" "to remember;" "to be careful." Thus a witness in the field of law is one who has knowledge of something by recollection and experience, and who can tell about it accurately.

b.      Meaning you has evidence or proof. Peter and John before the council Acts. 4:17-20.

c.       How far it is our witnessing. (Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and to the end of the world).

IV.                You have to know and to believe that Jesus will come back. 9-11.

A.      He will judge us. Rev. 22:7

1.      Paul talks about the second coming of Jesus. I Thessalonians 4:13-17


B.      He will reward you or He will punish you. Rev. 22:12

V.                  Conclusion.

Are you a witness of God?

Do you have Jesus in your heart as Lord and Savior?

Do you want to be part of God’s team?

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