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His Loving and Beggotten Son is here

Series: The Creator, Redeemer, Just, High Priest and Magnificent is here.

Text: Hebrew 1:1-14

Title: His loving and begotten Son is here

Purpose: to realize who the creator, who is the redeemer, how God’s justice is revealed to the world and why is dignity.


The communication is one of the greatest things which have been given to us. It is very important how we communicate our message; especially if you want our message must be understand on the proper way. Paul  here begins with a general declaration of the excellency of the gospel dispensation above that of the law, which he demonstrates from the different way and manner of God's communicating himself and his mind and will to men in the one and in the other: both these dispensations were of God, and both of them very good, but there is a great difference in the way of their coming from God.

1.      God communicated through Himself.

A.     Older Communication.

a.       Spoke to the fathers by the prophets.

b.      Who are the fathers. The fathers - the Jews of former days (1 Cor 10:1).

ατήρ pater {pat-ayr'} Meaning:  1) generator or male ancestor 1a) either the nearest ancestor: father of the corporeal nature, natural fathers, both parents 1b) a more remote ancestor, the founder of a race or tribe, progenitor of a people, forefather: so Abraham is called, Jacob and David 1b1) fathers i.e. ancestors, forefathers, founders of a race 1c) one advanced in years, a senior 2) metaph. 2a) the originator and transmitter of anything 2a1) the authors of a family or society of persons animated by the same spirit as himself 2a2) one who has infused his own spirit into others, who actuates and governs their minds 2b) one who stands in a father's place and looks after another in a paternal way 2c) a title of honour 2c1) teachers, as those to whom pupils trace back the knowledge and training they have received 2c2) the members of the Sanhedrin, whose prerogative it was by virtue of the wisdom and experience in which they excelled, to take charge of the interests of others 3) God is called the Father 3a) of the stars, the heavenly luminaries, because he is their creator, upholder, ruler 3b) of all rational and intelligent beings, whether angels or men, because he is their creator, preserver, guardian and protector 3b1) of spiritual beings and of all men 3c) of Christians, as those who through Christ have been exalted to a specially close and intimate relationship with God, and who no longer dread him as a stern judge of sinners, but revere him as their reconciled and loving Father 3d) the Father of Jesus Christ, as one whom God has united to himself in the closest bond of love and intimacy, made acquainted with his purposes, appointed to explain and carry out among men the plan of salvation, and made to share also in his own divine nature 3d1) by Jesus Christ himself 3d2) by the apostles

c.       Who are the prophets. προφήτης prophetes {prof-ay'-tace} Meaning:  1) in Greek writings, an interpreter of oracles or of other hidden things 2) one who, moved by the Spirit of God and hence his organ or spokesman, solemnly declares to men what he has received by inspiration, especially concerning future events, and in particular such as relate to the cause and kingdom of God and to human salvation 2a) the OT prophets, having foretold the kingdom, deeds and death, of Jesus the Messiah. 2b) of John the Baptist, the herald of Jesus the Messiah 2c) of the illustrious prophet, the Jews expected before the advent of the Messiah 2d) the Messiah 2e) of men filled with the Spirit of God, who by God's authority and command in words of weight pleads the cause of God and urges salvation of men 2f) of prophets that appeared in the apostolic age among Christians 2f1) they are associated with the apostles 2f2) they discerned and did what is best for the Christian cause, foretelling certain future events. (Acts 11:27) 2f3) in the religious assemblies of the Christians, they were moved by the Holy Spirit to speak, having power to instruct, comfort, encourage, rebuke, convict, and stimulate, their hearers 3) a poet (because poets were believed to sing under divine inspiration) 3a) of Epimenides (Tit. 1:12)

·         They are responsible to share or to communicate God’s message.
2.       God’s communicated through His Son.


His heirship follows His sonship, and preceded His making the worlds (Prov 8:22-23; Eph 3:11). As the first begotten, He is heir of the universe (Heb 1:6), which He made instrumentally, Heb 11:3, where "by the word of God" answers to "by whom" (the Son of God) here (John 1:3). Christ was "appointed" (in God's eternal counsel) to creation as an office; the universe so created was assigned to Him as a kingdom. He is "heir of all things" by right of creation, and especially by redemption. The promise to Abraham, that he should be heir of the world, had its fulfillment, and will have it more fully, in Christ (Rom 4:13; Gal 3:16; 4:7).

A.     He will purify our sins.

a.       Sin means is?

b.      How will purify our sins.

B.     He will show us God’s Majestic and Sovereignty.

  Sat down on the right hand of the Majesty on high - fulfilling Ps 110:1. This sitting of the Son at God's right hand was by the act of the Father (Heb 8:1; Eph 1:20): it never expresses His pre-existing state co-equal with the Father, but always His exalted state as Son of man after His sufferings, Mediator for man in the presence of God (Rom 8:34): a relation toward God and us about to end when its object shall have been accomplished (1 Cor 15:28).

3.      His Son Superiority and Excellency.

A.     Over Angels.

               B    More excellent name.  αὐτός autos {ow-tos'} Meaning:  1) himself, herself, themselves,     
4.      God communicate through His Son’s Dignity.

A.     He is the Son of God. V. 5

B.     He is the Begotten Son. V. 5

C.     He deserves our worship. V. 6

D.     He is the Alpha and Omega. V. 8

E.      He will judge the world. V. 9

5.      Conclusion.
God’s message has been communicated more than 2000 years ago. He told to the world My Begotten Son is here.  His name is higher than angels. God is inviting us to receive His message. He gave us the ability to receive it or to reject it.  Also, He is the agent of God’s salvatio

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