Friday, March 23, 2012

What means a new life Col 3:1-17

Text: Colossians 3:1-17

Title: What new life means is?

Purpose: To understand the meaning of new creation. What are involved on our new creation?


Sometimes we want the new life in Christ become automatic. But the new life involves a lot of works in our life. It is a long process and never ends. The ultimate goal of God is to transform our life. Do you understand what the means of new life is? Are you willing to pay the price?

1.      New life. V. 1-4

A.    Conditions and requirements (2 verbs)

a.       Raised up with Christ  συνεγείρω (sunegeiro) Meaning: to raise together raised up with

b.      Seek those things. ζητέω (zeteo) Meaning: to seek deliberating, demanding, inquire, looking for, made efforts, required,search, searched, seek, seek after, seeking, seeks, sought, striving, tried, trying,trying to obtain.  Col 2:12  Psa 110:1; Mar 16:19

B.     Set your mind.

a.       The mind of Christ I Co. 2:16

C.     Died to the world.

D.    We are in God’s hands. V.4 John 10:27-30, Ro. 8:35-39

2.      Who you were before. Old man. V. 5-9

A.    Restrictions. V. 5

B.     Wrath of God. V.6

a.       The sons of disobedience

b.      Paul is remained us our old life. V. 7

c.     Anger. V. 8ὀργή orge {or-gay'} Meaning:  1) anger, the natural disposition, temper, character 2) movement or agitation of the soul, impulse, desire, any violent emotion, but esp. anger 3) anger, wrath, indignation 4) anger exhibited in punishment, hence used for punishment itself 4a) of punishments inflicted by magistrates

3.      You are new men. V. 9-11

A.    Renew every day and knowing who is Christ. V.10

B.     We are one on Christ. V.11

4.      Your new life come with:

A.    The fruit of the Holy Spirit Ga. 5:22-23

B.     Also: Kindness, tender, humility, meekness, longsuffering

5.      Our view and attitude to God and to others changes. V. 15-17

A.    The peace of God rule. V. 15

B.     Become a thankful person. V.15

C.     All things are for God. V.17

6.      Conclusion

The new life is not coming without efforts. You have to do your part and God will do His part. You have to stay away from immoralities. God’s purpose is to transform our life according to image and glory. Our problem is that the human heart is easily to be corrupted. We need to realize the power of God is living in us, but you have to allowing Him to control of us on every aspect of our life. God wants to changes our habits. He wants to change us for good. 

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